How it all began …

When my boys were born I kept their denims with an idea to do something with them. I decided on a quilt each and the idea of up-cycling started. I love denim, and the Denim Teddies were the next creation, inspired with up-cycled denim and Schweshwe Print, a Fabric From my Native South Africa … Then I thought, a Teddy from the boys old clothes would be fab, one made from a Stripy Gro-bag, and the other old jeans and a baby-grow, this started a rollercoaster of requests.

Parcels arrive from far and wide, little bundles of baby clothes and I love turning these into Memory Bears.

Requests then started for Memory Bears and Keepsake Quilts, a wonderful way to treasure the memories of a loved one.

My Bespoke Nursery Collection is inspired by beautiful fabrics, and are a timeless gift.

Each Bear is handmade and takes approx 5 hours, Memory Bears take longer, I like to take time over the design of them and how all the little clothes will evolve into a lifelong keepsake.

Welcome to my little world…

Cassandra Taylor